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                                             SCORCH’s  BIO 
I got my unique interview style after years of screaming into the camera & at the fans in the Professional Wrestling game! I got my  name from TV Mogul Merv Griffin!  The REST as they say, is history!!   CURRENTLY, I host SCORCH & THE MORNING X (with Scorch & T-RI), doing a mixture of talk & rock, at a KILLER Rock Station, WECL-FM (929 THE X)
I’ve had many years of Ratings DOMINATION  and have won Multiple Awards, MAJOR & MEDIUM MARKET Stations like: WAAF-BOSTON; WPYX-ALBANY; WGIR- FM- BOSTON; KROCK-SYRACUSE.     During this time, I came up with my TWO charity events..Scorch’s “PAWS FOR THE CAUSE” & Scorch’s “MARATHON FOR MEALS”!!
Along the way, I ended up with a GREAT career in PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING, as my “Alter Ego” BAD GUY Manager, Vito Carlucci,  trained by the Legendary Killer Kowalski, losing my “WWF” Contract by crushing my kneecap, 2 weeks before my debut!!!

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Welcome to the online spot for all that is Scorch! Here you can find out stuff from the radio show (; SCORCH & THE MORNING X and HEY!! That’s MY…


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