“The COLOR OF DUST” (my very first role)

Check out the video (located on the right side of the page), of “The COLOR OF DUST”.  That was my very first Movie Role, Playing the character, ironically enough, named “SCORCH”!  ( I like when I get to play ‘me’). The film was a “Mad Max” type of flick,  filmed in Ocotillo Wells, CA, in the middle of the desert!  During filming, it reached 120 degrees!!!  The COLOR OF DUST, was entered into the San Diego 48 Hour Film Festival.  We finished it, in around 19 hours of filming, in BLAZING desert heat…like 120 Degrees!!!!!   It Stars ANDRA JACQUES, and GEORGE V JAC, produced by Tim Bucklin, Directed by Brian Smith, and Director of Photography Joe Van Dalsem…plus a host of others!!!!