Scorch’s Bio

I got my unique interview style after years of screaming into the camera & at the fans in the Professional Wrestling game! I got my  name from TV Mogul Merv Griffin!  The REST as they say, is history!!   CURRENTLY, I host SCORCH & THE MORNING X (with Scorch & T-RI), doing a mixture of talk & rock, at a KILLER Rock Station, WECL-FM (929 THE X)
I’ve had many years of Ratings DOMINATION  and have won Multiple Awards, MAJOR & MEDIUM MARKET Stations like: WAAF-BOSTON; WPYX-ALBANY; WGIR- FM- BOSTON; KROCK-SYRACUSE.     During this time, I came up with my TWO charity events.. Scorch’s “PAWS FOR THE CAUSE” & Scorch’s “MARATHON FOR MEALS”!!
Along the way, I ended up with a GREAT career in PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING, as my “Alter Ego” BAD GUY Manager, Vito Carlucci,  trained by the Legendary Killer Kowalski, losing my “WWF” Contract by crushing my kneecap, 2 weeks before my debut!!!
SOMEWHERE IN THERE, while on my 2nd run at ROCK 101, ….SCORCH’S PFG-TV became a thing, on CBS, FOX, and THE CW in New England, NY, and So.Cal.!!  THEN, CAME SYNDICATION!!!!  The “Scorch, Mikey, & Russ” show was born,  debuting on 23 stations from Coast to Coast, including 98 ROCK in Baltimore, and Q 95 in Indianapolis!
When Our parent company closed it’s doors (a story for over a beer sometime!!),  I  moved to LA, & had an acting career, playing “Bad Guys” for DISNEY; shows on  A & E, Lifetime, and TNT, & others!   My big break came when I played a founding member of the Z Brotherhood, on the 3 part season finale of “Major Crimes”, the award winning show on TNT! You’ll also see me featured on many episode of Deep Undercover!! (SEE VIDEO PAGE & GALLERY)!!
I was in Suicide Squad, Sandy Wexler, Hold On, Tales From The Cribs, Railway Spine, & Money Shot!! Hippo Campus’s “Boyish”;  Katie Perry’s  “Swish Swish”;  Twenty One Pilots “Heathens”: Lindsay Sterling’s “The Arena”:  and Andy Grammer’s “Give Love”. (SEE VIDEO PAGE& GALLERY)